Wednesday, 12 October 2016

New Crew Rules to enhance opportuniities for best World's female Sailors.

The Success of SCA-Team in the previous VolvoOceanRace, 3rd in In-Port Racing and winner in an Off-shore Leg, have been pushing the idea to offer more opportunities for the World's best Female Sailors. It was felt the SCA-Team was stuck to a ceiling not able to gain more experiences to up their sailing game.

This Rules change, will offer different options to form a crew, either for an all Men or for an all Female or for a mixed Team. The last option will allow female Sailors to sail alongside the Male Sailors and to learn and experience professional sailing in order to elevate the experience level in Female Sailors. 

New Crew Rules offer different options, some on a Leg-Leg bases

The optional choices in the 2nd row, would influence the crew for the In-Port sailing as well, as the In-Port crew shall be the same to either the crew in the previous or the subsequent off shore Leg. (exception for a 7_male team, that can have 1 female sailor extra during the In-Port race).

This way Female Sailors can sail and train with the Best Sailors. 

Btw the rule for under-30 crew to promote youth sailing is continued: 2 crew members must be under the age of 30 at the end of the race.

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