Progress Map

This Map will show the daily progress of my Virtual Sailing Boat(blue dots),  sailing in LiveSkipper  , the Best Virtual Sailing game on the Internet, and also the leader of the VOR Boats(red square).

Map to show progress for My Boat and leader in VOR

A Tool for observing Marine Traffic around your Boat, is provided by Marine Traffic based on AIS signals. I will adjust the coordinates of the Map regularly, such that the leaders in the VORG fleet have the benefit of it.

To view your region of interest, just click on it and zoom-in as required. To view details of a boat, click on it.

Please be aware that this is not a tool for Real Ships/Boats, as not every vessel on the Globe participates and the tracking is likely to work closer under the coasts. You may have to increase the zoom level to see the ships/boats.