TEAM's for VOLVO OCEAN RACE 2017-2018

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TEAMS VolvoOceanRace 2017-2018

At this moment, 6 July 2016, Team AkzoNobel is the 1st Team registered for the coming Volvo Ocean Race 2017-2018. It is a brand new team, with a Dutch base and they will sail the 8th build Boat under construction early 2017.
Dongfeng Race Team, has confirmed its return to the VolvoOceanRace 2017-2018. Dongfeng is a Chinese sponsored team, with  a good result in their first previous  version of VOR, 3rd in Overall Ranking. 
Mapfre returns for a 2nd consecutive as entry into the VOR 2017-2018 , with skipper Xabi Fernandez. Mapfre won Leg 4 in the last edition of VOR.
Vestas is also returning for the VOR2017-2018. The duo Charlie Enright and Mark Towill will lead their campaign. Vestas grounded last VOR version and damaged their boat heavily, but got it repaired just in time for sailing the last Legs.
Sun Hung Kai Scallywag, is a new Team from  HongKong to enter the VOR 2017-2018 and luckily they are that HongKong is a host city . 
turn the tide to plastic, is another new Team with a mission to fight the plastic pollution of the Oceans and Seas. A first female skipper on a VOR Boat.
Team Brunel, a returning back to the VOR with skipper Bouwe Bekking. Runner-up in last VOR will the Victory be possible this time?
The 8th Boat, ??? still up for rent =:) !

That is just 7 teams at just under 1 Month before the start in Alicante on 22 October 2017

Team AkzoNobel

 Website: Team AkzoNobel 

  • Simeon Tienpont   - Skipper (again for how long?)
  • Brad Farrand          - Bowman/Trimmer
  • Alex Pella                - Helmsman/Sail Trimmer 
  • Nicolai Sehested     - Helmsman/Sail Trimmer/Boat Captain
  • Jules Salter             - Navigator
  • Martine Grael          - Sail trimmer, Boat performance
  • Emily Nagel              - Crew Member
  • Justin Ferris             - Crew Member
  • Chris Nicolson         - Watch Captain

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Dongfeng Race Team

Website: Dongfeng Race Team

  • Charles Caudrelier   - Skipper/Watch
  • Carolijn Brouwer     - Crew member
  • Marie Riou              - Crew member
  • Stuart Bannatyne     - Watch Captain
  • Fabien Delahaye       - Crew member
  • Liu Xue "Black"        - Crew member
  • Jackson Bouttell       - Bowman
  • Pascal Bidegorry       - Navigator
  • Kevin Escoffier          - Watch Captain    

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  • Xabi Fernandez             - Skipper
  • Juan Vila                         - Navigator
  • Pablo Arrarte                 - Watch Captain
  • Rob Greenhalgh            - Watch Captain
  • Blair Tuke                       - Crew Member
  • Willy Altadill                   - Crew Member
  • Tamara Echegoyen       - Crew Member
  • Sophie Ciszek                - Crew Member
  • Louis Sinclair                  - Crew Member 
  • Neal McDonald               - Performance man.

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Website:  Vestas-11thHourRacing

  • Charlie Enright         - Skipper
  • Mark Towill               - Crew Member
  • Simon Fisher            - Navigator
  • Roberto  de Castro Munoz             - Crew Member
  • Tony Mutter              - Crew Member
  • Tom Johnson            - Crew Member
  • Nick Dana                  - Crew Member
  • Jena Mai Hansen       - Crew Member
  • Hannah Diamond      - Crew Member
  • Stacey Jackson          - Crew Member

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  Sun Hung Kai / Scallywag


  • David Witt           - Skipper
  • Benjamin Piggott- Bowman
  • Luke  Parkinson - Crew Member
  • John Fisher          - Crew Member
  • Tiger Mok             - Crew Member
  • Alex Gough          - Crew Member
  • Annemieke Bes    - Crew Member
  • Tom Clout            - Crew Member
  • Antonio Fontes    - Navigator  

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 Turn the Tide on Plastic

 Website:  Clean Seas

  • Dee Caffari                            - Skipper
  • Liz Wardley                            - Boat captain
  • Bleddyn Mon                          - Crew Member
  • Francesca Clapcich               - Crew Member
  • Lucas Chapman                     - Crew Member
  • Frederico Pinheiro de Melo - Crew Member
  • Bianca Cook                           - Crew Member 
  • Martin Stromberg                  - Pit and trimmer
  • Nicolas Lunven                      - Navigator
  • Elodie-Jane Mettraux           - Crew Member

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  Team Brunel

 Website:  Brunel Sailing

  • Bouwe Bekking - Skipper
  • Peter Burling      - Helmsman , Trimmer
  • Annie Lush          - Trimmer
  • Kyle Langford     - Trimmer
  • Alberto Bolzan    - Helmsman, Watch Capt, Trimmer
  • Carlo Huisman    - Helmsman, Watch Capt, Trimmer
  • Abby Ehler           - Crew Member 
  • Andrew Cape      - Navigator
  • Louis Balcaen     - Helmsman

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  Onboard Reporters (OBR)

An Onboard Reporter (OBR) will join each Boat during the race. Their tasks are to report the progress , difficulties, successes and life of crew on-board. I read that OBR are not fixed on one Boat, this VOR edition, but could/will rotate over the different boats.
For the first time , communication will be possible via social media as well.

An OBR has a lot of high tech equipment on board, camera's mobile and fixed, computer, to report and capture the events on the boats during the races. Communication via satellite makes it possible to receive from every spot on the globe their reports. 

  • Konrad Frost (Britain)
  • Jen Edney (USA)
  • Jeremie Lecaudey (France)
  • Martin Keruzore (France)
  • Sam Greenfield (USA)
  • Ugo Fonolla (Spain)
  • James Blake (NewZealand)
  • Richard Edwards (Britain)
  • Tom Martienssen (Britain)
  • Brian Carlin (Ireland)

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