Monday, 18 June 2018

Vestas wins VolvoOceanRace penultimate In-Port Race.

It was from the beginning a hard battle between Mapfre and Dongfeng and also between Brunel and SunHungKai/Scallywag, but it was Vestas that sailed a perfect sail and took Victory. Congratulations.

Vestas wins Gothenburg In-Port race.
. There was a strong wind and Brunel made a fantastic flying start from behind, to take the lead. They could keep the lead till the 2nd Mark with strong sailing, but on the first downwind leg, Brunel had the wrong sail, too small, and somehow could not change it. While starting Leg 3 as the leader, they were in 6th at the end, never to recover, so far for the speed-kings of Leg 10.
Mapfre, straight from the start jumped on Dongfeng and prevented Dongfeng by pushing them into the wind, from sailing away from the Start . Later with a starboard-port Mapfre again fought Dongfeng , apparently Mapfre had more intentions to beat Dongfeng than to win the In-Port race; well actully by beating Dongfeng Mapfre got so many points that they took Victory inthe In-Port race series. 

Dongfeng ,, with a poor start, made an error by cutting in front of Turn the Tide of Plastic and got a deserved penalty turn,making them to end last. 

Next event is the Start of the Last Leg Gothenburg to The Hague , on Thursday 21 June at 1200 UTC,1400 local.

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Short time till In-Port Race in Gothenburg

Tomorrow , Saturday 17 June, already is the Gothenburg In-Port Race, so little rest for the crews; it was also a short Leg 10. 

A parcours is set in the bay of Gothenburg as seen below. I am told that these waters do hold some rocks that could be dangerous if not located good. Remember the stranding of Telefonica Blue on Marstrand some versions of the VOR ago, with Bouwe Bekking indeed skippering that Boat.

Gothenburg In-Port parcours
With 3 Boats in the lead with exactly the same points for the Overall ranking, the results in the In-Port race ranking will be more important then ever. 
Mapfre has a healthy lead with 7 points over Dongfeng and Brunel is again 8 points behind. So I do actually not expect too many changes in the leaderboards for In-Port races

Scoreboard In-Port races

As normal, the race will be broadcasted live, via the VolvolOceanRace website, via Facebook and Twitter. 

Next event will be the start of the last Leg 11, on Thursday 21  June , 1200 UTC.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Brunel glorious Winner of VolvoOceanRace Leg 10

Brunel is the glorious Winner in the penultimate Leg in the VolvoOceanRace 2017-2018, with a small margin over Mapfre.

Brunel Winner of Leg 10

Leg 10 started in Cardiff and sailed around Ireland and the UK, to finish in Gothenburg , Sweden. 
This Leg had it all, no winds, stormy winds, no waves , large wave, no currents, anti-currents and helping currents. 
Many Boats in one time at this Leg were in the lead, or close to the lead  and many position changes occured. 

Brunel did not had such a good start and half way, they were about 6th in the 7 boat VOR fleet. Thereafter , however, it seems that Brunel woke up and got chasing the Boats in front of them and one after the other was passed. Till yesterday, in a straight line battle with Mapfre , Brunel passed the red boat with spendid sailing and kept the lead till the Finish.

Now the last Leg 11, Gothenburg to The Hague, will bring the decision on podium places. The 3 top boats, Brunel, Mapfre and Dongfeng all have 65 points; including the bonus point for Dongfeng for the shortest sailing time overall, which is as good as sure.
So the ranking in the end of Leg 11, will directly translate in the ranking in the Overall VOR 2017-2018 . 

Leg 11 will start on 21 June, but first there will be the Gothenburg In-Port races on 17th June. 

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Dongfeng winner in Cardiff In-Port Race

The Cardiff In-Port race was sailed in proper winds of about 10 kts. AkzoNobel and Dongfeng made both a good start, with Brunel in between them was pushed back by the foul winds. 
I was lucky to see Mapfre and Dongfeng sailing their own race, rather than match-racing each other and forgetting that other Boats are also participating. 

AkzoNobel sailed in the lead for 2 out of 3 rounds, but lost in the penultimate leg, out to Dongfeng but also Mapfre benefited from it so passed AkzoNobel into 2nd place. Brunel in the last leg, sailed a better strategy and could also pass AkzoNobel.

Dongfeng already leader in front of Mapfre
Vestas made a Start too sharp to be correct and had to make a penalty restart. She never recovered really , though could pass TurntheTideonPlastic and SunHungKai into a 5 th place.

Next event is the Start of Leg 10 Cardiff to Gothenburg on Sunday 10 June at 1500 UTC.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Cardiff In-Port Race as appetizer for the VolvoOceanRace last 2 Legs.

Enjoying an easy weekend in Cardiff with a cool Beer, that is good. Just one week to go till the Cardiff In-Port Race sets off the last 2 Legs in the VolvoOceanRace 2017-2018.

The parcours is shown below and the length is about 1 hour of sailing. 

Cardiff In=Port Race parcours

The Cardiff In-Port Race starts Friday 8th June at 1300 UTC, 1400 Local.

As normal , the race will be live broadcasted via the VolvoOceanRace website and Twitter. 


Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Brunel wins a nail biting Leg 9 in Cardiff VolvoOceanRace

Brunel wins the TransAtlantic, Leg 9 in the VolvoOceanRace from Newport to Cardiff, UK. 
Brunel winners of Leg 9

And what a Leg it was. 
Brunel made a fantastic start by winning the starters parcours in Newport and leading the fleet into the Atlantic in between the different exclusion zones.
Normally the fastest route is going North as much as possible, as the winds are stronger there and the distance is the smallest. But when the crucial point came to turn North, Brunel did not, contrary to Maphfre and Dongfeng.
Brunel stayed in the storm that had good speed pushing them to the East, and later that breeze was even better than expected. Once that was over and the fleet converged, Brunel with AkzoNobel and Vestas cut in front of the northern boats and with the next westerly depression could only extend their lead. 
The High pressure ridge, that stalled all Boats was rather fair and released the Boats in order of arriving. The strong tide towards Cardiff was friendly as well, as it truned inwards the moment the leaders approached. 

AkzoNobel, was constantly close to Brunel and took sometimes the lead. In the end however Brunel won with about 4 minutes. AkzoNobel however sailed the longest distance in the Atlantic in a 24 hrs period, 602.5 Nm; breaking the old record of Torben Grael on , Ericsson 4 at 596.6 Nm. 
Fast Sailing

Now the ranking at the top of the Overall scoreboard has become very tight, promissing a hard fought victory in the last 2 legs.

Next event will be the Cardiff In-Port Race on  Friday 8 June at 1300 UTC. 
Next Leg 10 to start Sunday 10 June 1500 UTC from Cardiff to Gothenburg. 

Monday, 21 May 2018

Brunel makes a perfect Start on Leg 9 towards Cardiff, back to Europe.

Repeating their fantastic performance in the Newport In-Port Race, Brunel sailed to the leaders position to leave Newport setting sail into the Open Water to the Finish of VolvoOceanRace Leg 9 in Cardiff, UK.
Brunel leading the VOR fleet out of Newport

 It is an important Leg, as it has double points , so you can make big gains (or losses) depending on your performance in this Leg. Brunel, has to score good points over their revals, in order to still have any change on the Overall Victory. With their improving results in the last events, they for sure are sharp to get at Winner in Cardiff. 

This leg, will have first some influence of the Cold Stream along the East coast of the States but then will get the warmer Golf Stream that will help them sailing East. With the east wards moving Depressions these will be the main strategic elements to beat the competition. 

Fair winds.