For the VOLVOOCEANRACE 2017-2018, the same Boat will be used as was successful sailed during the previous VOR version in 2014-2015. This is the One Design VO65 Sailing Boat. Main advantage is that ALL skippers have an equal Boat, so the best sailors will win.

For more details please visit VolvoOceanRace-Boat page

VO65 in full view

Note: teams as per VOR 2014-15

New Features in the VO65 One-Design Boats, that promise to make this Boat faster and stronger than the VO70:

The draft has been increased from 4.5m to 4.7m. This allows a smaller keel weight, while still offering an increase righting moment and .... a faster boatspeed.
Keel Pin
An inclined Keel Pin axis will give a positive performance. It creates a vertical force, that creates lift and reducing the amount of drag in the water. 
There are a double amount of bulkheads, thus making the VO65 a much stronger structure than the VO70 Boat.
Reverse Bow.
It looks like a cosmetic face lift fro the bow as the most photographed area of the Boat, but it will help to keep the water of the bow.
Water ballasts.
The VO65 has 3 water ballast tanks, two aft and one bow, whereas the VO70 had only one in the stern. The will give better control of ballast spread and potentially improve the performance.
Onboard Media package.
The VO65 has 5 fixed camera positions and 2 uplink points, to give wider coverage from more angles. Camera's can be remotely controlled and directed. The microphones locations and sound systems will enhance voice recordings..

Sail Inventory:

Mainsail: fully-battened, three reefs
J1: good for 8-15 knots upwind, has hanks and battens
J2: good for 13-25 knots, on a furler with vertical leech battens
J3: good for 22-35 knots, also on a furler with vertical leech battens
Fractional Code 0 spinnaker (affectionately dubbed the ‘fro’): used in a broad range of angles, sheets to the outrigger
Masthead Code 0: used in 0-6 knots upwind, or downwind in more breeze
Masthead A3 gennaker:
the only dedicated downwind sail, typically used at true wind angles of
120° and above

J4: good for 35 knots+ as a storm jib, and also as a

Addition for VOR2017-2018: a J0:10-5 kts  and should fill the "gap" beteen the J1 and MH0

An additional four sails to choose from the above can be use during the race.

An outrigger will extend 1.5m outside the hull either midships for the jibs or aft near the stern for the MH0, FR0 and A3.

Some information on the production of the rigging

Southern Spars, NewZealand, will make the rigging for ALL participating VO65 Boats for the 2014-15 and the 2017-18 editions. 

Some Video's that show the construction of the New Boat VO65.