The VolvoOceanRace maintains separate scorecards for the Sailing Legs and for the In-Port Races. 

Scorecard for Leg's

Scorecard VOR 2017-2018 Final

Scorecard for In-Port Races

Scorecard In-Port VOR 2017-2018 Final

For the coming VOR 2017-2018, some new rules on scoring have been announced in order to enhance risk taking and alternative strategies by the Boats.

Scoring for VolvoOceanRace 2017-2018
  • The scoring will be a Max. scoring points system
  • Each Leg a score can be earned by the Winner of a Leg as 8+1, a bonus point for the winner, 2nd arrival 7 points, 3rd arrival 6 points etc.
  • The In-Port events scoring does not count for the Overall Ranking, but will be used as tie breaker when a tie exist at the finish in The Hague.
  • Double points are awarded on 3 Legs, 2 Southern Ocean legs, Cape Town-HongKong, and Auckland-Itajai, and the North Atlantic crossing, NewPort-Cardiff. 
  • A bonus point can be earned for the best Overall elapsed time. 
  • A bonus point is awarded for the first Boat passing Cape Horn.