Sunday, 24 July 2016

Good Future for Volvo Ocean Race

Last week informed us, that the VolvoOceanRace will continue 2 more versions after the coming one, with the Start from Alicante, Spain.

That is good news for Alicante, as the city enjoys the attention from many Sailors. It is also good news for the VOR Museum, as those additional starts will bring big numbers  of visitors that can enjoy the museum.

The Best message however, imho, is that we will enjoy at least 3 more versions for the VolvoOceanRace, till the VOR 2023-2024 one. 

This is also good news for Virtual Sailors as it is expected that all VOR races will have the VORG(VolvoOceanRaceGame) to sail alongside the professional sailors in your armchair. :) 

For some training on Virtual Sailing, I can recommend LiveSkipper . This is a modern virtual sailing player , with nice interface and quiet easy to learn. It is free as well, including all modern navigational aids ,like auto heading, auto-sail, programmer, WP's , different sails and a lot of enthousiast sailors that will battle it out with you on the waters in different types of boats. Liveskipper has some short sailing races during the weekend, and mostly some long distance Ocean races. Try it out, you will love it!


Wednesday, 6 July 2016

AkzoNobel: First Team announced for VolvoOceanRace 2017-2018

The next VolvoOceanRace 2017-2018 is going to get real. 

Last week, I was learning that the Route for VOR 2017-2018  is agreed and it is promising to become a very challenging version of this VOR. Some new Cities are announced and the number of nautical miles through the Southern Ocean has never been as large. 

This morning, the 1st participating team TEAM AkzoNobel was published. 

Skipper will be the dutchman Simeon Tienpont, who participated 3 times before in the VolvoOceanRace.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Start of Blog for VolvoOceanRace 2017-2018

Seeing this video of the Next VolvoOceanRace (VOR) route, made it clear:

The next VOR 2017-2018 is coming and I have started to prepare my Blog for it.

I intend to give some details on the Vor, the Boats, the Route, the Teams and during the VOR will try to follow the progress of the Boats and let you enjoy some of the Highlights, or lowlights.

I will also included some information on Virtual Sailing that normally goes alongside the real race but from the comfort of your armchair or computer desk-chair .

You may bookmark my blog or register in order not to miss any.